A jet plane travels 2 times the speed of a commercial airplane. The distance between Vancouverand Regina is 1730 km. If the flight from Vancouver to Regina on a commercial airplane takes140 minutes longer than a jet plane, what is the time of a commercial plane ride of this route? (please show steps:))

Accepted Solution

Answer:The time of a commercial airplane is 280 minutesStep-by-step explanation:Letx -----> the speed of a commercial airplaney ----> the speed of a jet planet -----> the time that a jet airplane takes  from Vancouver to Reginawe know thatThe speed is equal to divide the distance by the timey=2x ----> equation AThe speed of a commercial airplane is equal tox=1,730/(t+140) ----> equation BThe speed of a jet airplane is equal toy=1,730/t -----> equation Csubstitute equation B and equation C in equation A1,730/t=2(1,730/(t+140))Solve for t1/t=(2/(t+140))t+140=2t2t-t=140t=140 minutesthereforeThe time of a commercial airplane ist+140=140+140=280 minutes