Do han and tyler meet on the path within 1 hour?Explain or show your reasoning At 10:00 a.M., Han and Tyler both started running toward each other from opposite ends of a 10-mile path along a river. Han runs at a pace of 12 minutes per mile. Tyler run at a pace o 15 minutes per mile.

Accepted Solution

Answer:No, They will do it in more than an hourt=1,1 hStep-by-step explanation:Vh=1mile/12min, Vt=1mile/15min They will meet to same time th=ttsh=x, st=10-x, so V=s/t we have Vh=sh/t ; Vt=st/t ; t=(sh/Vh) = (st/Vt);[tex]\frac{x}{\frac{1}{12} } = \frac{10-x}{\frac{1}{15} }\\\frac{x}{15}=\frac{10-x}{12}\\ Β 12x=15(10-x)[/tex]; so [tex]12x+15x=150; 27x=150; x=\frac{150}{27}=\frac{150}{9} mile[/tex]: if Vh=sh/t then [tex]t=\frac{\frac{50}{9}mile }{\frac{1mile}{12min} } =\frac{600}{9}min*\frac{h}{60min}=1,1 h[/tex]Note: V=s/t : but in this case are 12 min (t) per mile (s), so [tex]V=\frac{mile}{12min}[/tex]