PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The new middle school aquarium is a rectangular prism with these dimensions:Length: 60 cmWidth: 25cmHeight: 30 cmFind how much water it will take to fill the aquarium to the top (volume).Find how much glass it will take to make the aquarium (surface area).Note: There is no β€œtop” to the aquarium. It may help to draw a net.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Volume: 45000cm^3Surface area: 6600cm^2Step-by-step explanation:The volume is all the side lengths multiplied, so 60*25*30 = 45,000 cm^3.Now let's calculate the surface area.The bottom is the width * the length, or 60*25 cm^2.One of the sides is the length * the height, or 60*30 cm^2. This is multiplied by 2 because there are 2 of those sides.The other pair of sides is the width * the height, or 25*30 cm^2, again multiplied by 2.In total, the surface area is60*25+2*60*30+2*25*30 = 6600cm^2